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California Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) For Mediation And Arbitration

Our founder, Mark Ashworth, is a veteran arbitrator and mediator. He is recognized by the California Academy of Distinguished Neutrals in Mediation and Arbitration. He is a Straus Institute Graduate (Mediating the Litigated Case) and has made a name for himself in Real Estate Disputes under the CAR form, Business Disputes and even more so with Song-Beverly Act cases (“Lemon Law” cases). Attorneys frequently seek him out because of his outstanding work in this area related to the Song-Beverly Act and related federal acts. His ADR practice started in 1986.

His neutral and settlement experience started in about 1984 by acting as a pro tem for the Superior Court, and that grew to a private practice that had its own client base.

He has a registered domain at Ashworth ADR Solutions, but this website has the information you might need if Mr. Ashworth might assist in making a date certain the last day of your case.

Mr. Ashworth is frequently asked to mediate Song-Beverly cases, medical malpractice cases, CAR form real estate, employment disputes and other matters for mediation. Mediation is voluntary, and it is NOT binding.

Mediation For Litigated Cases

Mark Ashworth has and will mediate any litigated case anywhere in California. He is not directive, but he will push when the facts and law favor one side or the other. With 45-years of experience as a California litigation and trial attorney, he is not a “potted plant” in mediation and will not suffer the parties to endure hours of “shuttle diplomacy.” He is sensitive to the feelings of the parties and their attorney’s viewpoint, and he will insert his views if they can be delivered with kindness and fairness.

Mr. Ashworth frequently tells parties and their attorneys that in 45 years of trying cases in bench trials and jury trials, no party has ever tugged on his sleeve during trial and said, “Gee, I hope we can do this forever; and that courthouse cafeteria food is FIVE STARS!”

Arbitration: The Benefits Of Binding Arbitration In California

With the huge backlog of civil cases, particularly those that would normally be tried to a jury, many lawyers seek arbitration of Lemon Law or Song-Beverly cases with Mr. Ashworth, who has a clear understanding of the law and nuances of the Song-Beverly Act and the federal counter part to it.

Mr. Ashworth will only serve as the binding arbitrator on Song-Beverly Act cases or related consumer cases under federal law. He will not serve as the binding arbitrator on any other case no matter the nature of the case. Why? Because arbitration with Mr. Ashworth is binding. The right to appeal is waived. His arbitration award is final, and only the rarest of circumstances can disrupt the award.

Plus, he knows the Song-Beverly Act well. He has NOT represented a defendant nor a plaintiff in a Song-Beverly Act case since about 1983. He has no conflicts and can make a fair disclosure before he is appointed to be the arbitrator on these cases. He frequently mediates these cases, but he primarily acts as the binding arbitrator at the request of the attorneys involved.

Lemon Law In California

Attorneys and their clients in these Song-Beverly Act cases do not need to be educated by Mr. Ashworth about the various elements for express warranties, implied warranties and some of the issues that have evolved through the courts and rulings.

Hearings are generally a full day, but may last as long as two days. Mr. Ashworth’s office in Ladera Ranch is north of San Juan Capistrano and is easily accessible, surrounded with hotels, restaurants, and other amenities, and allowing for the use of hybrid remote and in person facilities for the hearings.

What might be a two-week jury trial on an uncertain date at the courthouse, could be a one-day hearing with Mr. Ashworth with closing arguments in person or as agreed.

Rulings are timely made on the issues in these cases.

ADR Fees

$350.00 per hour with a four hour minimum, see the Fee Schedule.

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Work with proven neutral who has earned a respected reputation for skills in both mediation of most cases and arbitration of Lemon Law or Song-Beverly cases. To get started, call 888-861-4390 or send us an email.