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Fee Schedule

Please contact us for questions and immediate scheduling.

Professional Fees:

$350 Per Hour with a four (4) hour minimum.
Whether for mediation or arbitration, attorneys for parties in litigated cases or various other ADR methods required for realtors and buyers by the California Association of Realtors will be billed for expected hearing, mediation or arbitration, reading/research, and award preparation time. Fees are generally divided equally among all parties but may be paid as otherwise agreed by the parties.
*Any additional time will be billed at the same hourly rate.

Administrative Fee:

  • Four parties or less – no administrative fee
  • Five parties or more – an administrative fee of $500 will be billed to reserve a date. This administrative fee will be divided amongst the parties equally and shall be due before a mediation date is held and blocked.

Prepayment Policy*

Hearing Length:
Fees Due
1/2 Day (4 hours)
14-days Prior to Hearing
1 Days or More
21-days Prior to Hearing


Any additional fees incurred are due and payable upon receipt of the invoice. *Receipt of payment for all fees is required prior to service of an arbitration award which the arbitrator(s) has rendered.

Cancellation/Continuance Policy

Hearing Length
Cancellation Period
Hearing Fees
1 Day or Less
7 days or more before hearing
100% Refundable
2 Days or More
30 days or more before hearing
100% Refundable
Hearings of any length
Less than 7 days before the Cancellation Window


*Hearing fees of hearings cancelled inside the cancellation window will be refunded if our time can be rebooked with another case. The canceling party will be responsible for all hearing fees if time cannot be rebooked. Hearing fees are non-refundable for time which is scheduled and later canceled within 7 days before the hearing. Special circumstances may have other results if an emergency or unforeseen obstacle forces cancelation.

Mark Ashworth’s agreement to render services as a mediator or arbitrator is with the attorneys for the party. We do not accept credit card payments.