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Protecting Clients Who Face Medical Malpractice Claims

One of the most complicated areas of litigation and trial work is medical malpractice law. The attorney must understand anatomy, medical procedures and the various disciplines involved in the case.

That said, the attorney never knows those things as well as the doctors, health care providers or other professionals involved. So, it requires study, fluency in terms and language, and familiarity with the case at hand. Without that background, the lawyer is getting into an area full of unhappy surprises.

At Ashworth & Ashworth, LLP, we represent health care providers sued by former patients who might not understand that perfection in health care and medicine is never the standard of care. Life is dangerous, and every healthcare procedure, with few exceptions, involves risks.

For example, consumers may regularly take over-the-counter medications that warn, in very small words somewhere on the label, that one outcome might be a heart attack, stroke or death. In California, all health care providers must get both written and verbal informed consent of all material risks that the health care provider believes are important to disclose. In turn, they expect their patients to be truthful and fully disclose their medical history; other doctors and health care providers they have seen; and the medications they are currently taking. Getting that information may be more difficult than it sounds. At our firm, we know how to get that information in collaboration with our client, the doctor or other health care providers.

Our firm has defended outcomes from medical and health care procedures that cover the landscape of possible medical outcomes, including the loss of life. It is serious work that we do.

A Strong Defense In Litigation And Licensure Proceedings

Our legal team has 60 years of experience that they apply to develop solid defense strategies. They understand how to protect the interests of their clients in:

  • Litigation: Our lawyers have brought over 80 jury trials to verdict and also are experienced in mediation and arbitration. That encompasses thousands of cases since 1978.
  • Professional license defense: We defend actions filed by the licensing boards through the California Attorney General’s Office. Those boards include:
    • The Medical Board of California
    • The Board of Chiropractic Examiners
    • The Dental Board of California
    • The California Massage Therapy Council
    • The California Board of Registered Nursing

We know the California Administrative Procedures Act and routinely appear in proceedings before the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Protect Your License, Career And Reputation

Your license to practice your profession is everything in California. You deserve well-known and effective representation when your license is being challenged. Whether it involves a small dispute or something that could result in revocation, you need us. Call our team at 888-861-4390 or send us an email to discuss your situation. We can answer your questions. We do not expect payment until after we are retained, and our rates are typically set by the various professional liability insurers qualified in California.